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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's best type of exercise?

Before you choose type of exercise you need to know about this :

To maintain fitness and a healthy life, most people should take approximately 30 minutes of exercise five or more days a week.
This could be anything from a structured exercise routine, a half hour walk at a good pace, cleaning, gardening or active, such as cutting or raking leaves. The important thing is that you can breathe a little and feel a little warmer than usual.
If you try to perderepeso, it is necessary, I am about 60 Miutes movement on most (5-6) days a week. Remember that healthy eating and balanced system.

The exercise intensity:

There are three different intensities of light exercise, moderate and strong. It is important to remember that are used to a significant increase in heart rate and respiration, through the rigorous exercise to cover the whole spectrum of benefits of regular activity.
However, if you have not exercised in the past (or rather "the time) before cEjercicios a hard, must Consultar your doctor for a physical examination. It should also gradually increased, and are aware of the fact that everyone is different, and it can be easy, or moderate exercise for one person, may be decided by a different.

You should also see your GP before starting a new exercise programme if:

  • you have high blood pressure,
  • you have heart disease,
  • you have joint problems, or
  • you are over 60 years of age and have not exercised for a while.

Also, before beginning an exercise programme, you should check with your GP if you are taking any prescription medication, if you are pregnant, or if you think there may be any other reason why you should not exercise.

Types of exercise

There are many different ways to exercise.

For example, cardiovascular exercises, like dancing, or cycling, which is to improve the condition of the heart and lungs. Shot put and training to develop strength and endurance and stretching exercises, like yoga, more flexible and improve your balance.
Some exercises, like walking and swimming are low impact ", which means that no particular stress on the joints.
You can also choose whether ey ISCAL EAR alone or with others. Some Leute prefer team sports like football, while others prefer to play badminton or squash with a partner, participating in exercises or to walk alone in the gym.
Best to choose a type of exercise you like to do, because they are more likely to do an activity you like.
You can also use their work on the basis of your humeur and climate. Remind yourself and help you fit and healthy weight loss, regular physical activity can Energie, lift the mood and help you sleep.

Many ways to Exercise:

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Cross training
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoka
  • Fitness

TIP: You should make your goal. As with any activity, you should first establish what you are trying to achieve in your exercise program.

- slim.




-get younger!

-fight your illness.

Make your goal and go to next step.

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