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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Green Tea For Your Health

Green Tea For Your Health - Do Bad Compounds Like Caffeine Exists in Green Tea?
There has been a lot of hype about green tea and its effects in a person's health. It is said to do wonders for weight loss by boosting metabolism. Aside from that, it has the ability to reduce a person's appetite to help him from craving for more food over time. The result is there is more weight lost and more fats burned. These are actually the main reasons why the tea is gaining its popularity.
The question is; do bad compounds like caffeine pose a problem when drinking green tea? The honest answer would be a yes. The drink contains caffeine. However, to most people who love their dose of caffeine early in the morning, this is a healthier choice. The world seems to love an early serving of double-cream coffee, mocha, frappucinno, and other double sweet drinks that are high in calories and caffeine. With tea though, you get a smaller waistline even if you get your caffeine fix in the morning.
Like any other products or beverages, except pure drinking water, green tea has its own disadvantages too. First, green tea is not a magic potion that you drink and you get your wish of a slimmer body over night. Next, if you have health ailments or issues, then you should be careful with the caffeine in it. The drink might not be a good idea for people who have blood pressure problems. Make sure that you consult your doctor if you suspect that caffeine will be a problem for you.
However, for people with health problems that can prove to be fatal when drinking caffeinated green tea, there is another option for them. Most extracts are made from decaffeinated green tea so they can still have their dose of an energizing drink in the morning and get the benefit of losing weight and keeping it off as well.
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